The Next Chapter

This weekend we wrapped up our SIXTH Trunk Show at The Flossy Peach!! Since November 2015, we have put on five shows in Moultrie, Georgia and one in Cumming, Georgia! Each time, I gained new insight, met new people, and added new brands to our collection. The Trunk Shows have truly been a blast, but there is NO WAY I could possibly have put them on without the help of my family and friends. Those dear to me have been so willing to lend a hand anywhere from designing invitations to steaming clothes. I will always be thankful for the work that they put into each and every show and their willingness to help me without hesitation. I have absolutely no doubt that each show wouldn’t have been near as successful without them!

While every show has been humbling, exciting, and insightful, The Flossy Peach Trunk Show era has come to an end. The feeling is bittersweet! I have SO enjoyed getting to meet new customers at each show and help women find pieces that they love. It is truly a passion of mine to help people feel good in what they’re wearing and feel confident about themselves, and I hope to continue that passion for a very long time! Which brings me to the next chapter…

   The Flossy Peach is opening up a RETAIL STORE!!!! For a very large part of my life, I have dreamed of owning and operating my own clothing boutique, and since 2015 I have been able to do that. But, my real dream has been in a brick-and-mortar location in the sweet little town of Moultrie that I love so dearly. With so much transition going on in our lives (including our wedding in only 6+ months! Whoah!!), we have felt like it was time to make the move. I could not be more excited! Scared, nervous, anxious…but definitely excited!

   I want to thank all of our customers, new and old, for loving us and shopping with us so far! I truly cannot wait to start this new journey with all of you! Please bare with us as we make this transition. We will continue to bring you a few new styles on our site as we build up our inventory for opening. Next stop: South Main Street!

Coming Summer 2017!


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