Resolutions for 2017

So, here it comes. That obligatory New Year’s Resolution post that starts trending around this time of year… I get it. Some people are not fans of new year’s resolutions, and that is totally okay! Personally, I think January is the perfect time for a person to make some changes or improvements in their life, and this year I happen to feel particularly optimistic about my own. So, I’ve decided to candidly list them all here for everyone to read (to maybe create some accountability), and what measures I am taking to achieve them.

1. Spiritual Growth 

This, to me, is the most important resolution that I have. This year I intend to spend more intimate time with Jesus and grow my relationship with Him. I truly believe that when I improve this area of my life, my other resolutions will be easier to accomplish. Specifically, I want to spend more time in prayer with God about my day to day responsibilities and activities, asking Him to help me be more productive and focused. Today, while listening to a sermon podcast (Words to Live By from Life Church), I took down a note that read, “Praying is as important to me as breathing”. Obviously that sounds somewhat drastic, but like breathing is a second nature to me, I want prayer to be as well.

I have purchased a couple of daily bible studies that I intend to start, but if you have any studies/material that you have enjoyed or grown from, I would LOVE to hear them!

2. Physical Health

As a bride-to-be with a wedding in October, this resolution might be the most obvious of the few! The beginning of our wedding year felt like a great time to start my diet and exercise routine, and with a little over 9 months until our big day, I have plenty of time to shed those extra pounds in a healthy way. Though “sweating it for the wedding” is great motivation for my physical health, I am excited to alter my lifestyle in such a way that will help me continue to be healthy even after the wedding is over and I start cooking for 2!

I chose Fit Girls Guide to try to accomplish this big resolution. They are a super famous Instagram community (@fitgirlsguide) that focuses on creating healthier lifestyles for women of all shapes, sizes, and walks of life. What I love about FGG is that they created a series of ebooks that list out weekly workout routines, meal plans, grocery lists, and more for an easier way to accomplish our health goals for the month. For me, this includes things like making a conscious effort to drink more water and cut out sodas (Which might be the most difficult task for me. This girl loves a good large-sized coke from Chick-fil-A!). My favorite quote from FGG is “Progress, not perfection”, which I think not only applies to my physical health, but all of my resolutions as well. I joined the 28 Day Jumpstart Guide that officially started yesterday, so if you’re looking for a routine/diet plan, there is still time to join! If you have more questions regarding the Fit Girls Guide, I would be happy to answer them!

3. Business Productivity      

Last, but certainly not least, are my goals concerning The Flossy Peach. The last couple of months, I have somewhat mentally struggled with the fact that I don’t have a brick-and-mortar store. More than anything, I would love to wake up every day and go to work in a retail space that I own. I want to interact with my customers on a more frequent and personal basis, and have the luxury of my own office space where I have designated time each day for blogging, social media, and shopping for new trends and brands for my customers. Working from home has created new challenges for me like lack of focus and time management.

In 2017, I am choosing to change my mindset from focusing on what I don’t have to being thankful and resourceful with that which I do. I hope to be more intentional with my time for blogging, emails, and posting on TFP social media outlets. This is most likely going to take some serious planning and to do lists, which is fine with me because I am a planner at heart and LOVE lists! Also, I intend to be more disciplined about my sleeping schedule, which means less Netflix or Hulu before bed. I like to take that personal time to wind down and escape from the day, but I can also get bogged down in the binging and accidentally watch a whole season in a matter of days (Whoops!). I have already begun this change by only allowing myself one episode of a show each night if I can keep my eyelids open! If you’re in the market for a new show to watch, my current favorite is The Crown on Netflix. Seriously, it’s so good, and I’m only a couple of episodes in. If you have suggestions on tv shows or, more productively, tips for working from home, I am all ears for either!


I am really excited about these goals and resolutions that I have made for 2017! It will not necessarily be easy, and I’m sure there will be days where I may have been productive in only one or two of the categories. I’m sure, too, there will be some days where I fail completely all together. Most importantly, I think making a conscious effort to make these changes will benefit me in the long run and make 2017 an amazing year. Like the Fit Girls say, “Progress, not perfection”.

What are your new year’s resolutions? I would love to hear about them in the comments below!

With love,


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