National Women’s Day

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Happy National Women’s Day!!! As I was scrolling through Pinterest searching for a good “girl power” photo, I originally came upon the common “Who runs the world? Girls.” Beyoncé quote. I thought, “That would be a good one to post”, but decided to keep scrolling. Then I happened upon this gorgeous watercolor scripture and knew that I had to share!
Women have gone through so much in the last century to get where we are today, so how awesome is it that someone decided to have a whole day dedicated just to us?! I think we definitely deserve a little celebration! But what I’ve come to learn in my short 21 years of life is that it’s not just about being a woman that makes a person strong. Don’t get me wrong! Girl Power is a big deal! But it’s the type of woman you are that exemplifies your strength and dignity and power.
With all the hate and negativity in the world today, it is so easy to bring others down. Even subconsciously we might see someone different than us and immediately begin to judge them or point out their differences. Proverbs 31 describes a woman who clothes herself in strength and dignity. She speaks with wisdom and faith, not tearing others down. She shows her grace and love through her actions. And most importantly, she fears the Lord.
How awesome, right?! We, as women who want to be powerful and strong, should receive those things from the Lord. And when we walk with Him and talk with Him, we can become that Proverbs Woman. Not a perfect woman, but a woman with purpose.
So go out there and enjoy the day that has been specifically given to honor you! Embrace your Girl Power and be a woman of the Lord. Build up one another and love each other. After all, we do run the world.

[PS I couldn’t find the origin of this graphic, so if anyone knows please let me know so I can give credit!]


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